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AJ6F2635ee6I started my photographic journey as a kid using a simple and inexpensive Instamatic camera. I took a photography class in High School, I thought it was going to be of more interest and easier than some of the other electives, or so I thought. I don’t think I ever mastered transferring film from the roll to the spool to develop it. Later that class did come in handy while I worked a short stint as a photographer in the US Air Force. Mostly I got to document accident and incident investigations taking pictures of the aftermath of what happened.

Over the decades I’ve shot thousands of images on film and spent thousands of dollars getting them developed. In 2008 I made the switch to digital cameras much in same way I did as a kid with my first film camera, a small point and shoot. Since then I have had the pleasure of capturing thousands of more images and got more enjoyment from it especially when other people encouraged me to take the leap from amateur to professional.

Taking that leap, I started working with various clients to create works that helped promote and educate their target audiences. As they say a picture is worth a thousand words, but when you combine a compelling image with words it really sends the message home.

Together with my wife of 35 years, we have two children who blessed us with seven grandchildren. Currently we are full time RVers working and living on the road, enjoying the vastness and beauty this country offers.

No two people see things in the same way, nor do those using a camera…mine are often unique to me, but appealing to others. Let me help you capture the images you need to preserve a moment, tell a story, promote you or something important to you.
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