Clear Skies And Clear Water

It is possible to capture images of those creatures who live beneath the water without having a camera that can be submerged. If the sky and water conditions are ideal, you will be surprised at what you can see and capture images of.

You might find you can eliminate more glare by using a Polarization filter on your lens. So the next time you’re walking along a stream, pond or lake take a few moments to see what there is living in water and try capturing images of them.

Lighting For Close Ups

P1540320ecWhen you’re trying to do close ups and don’t have the budget to purchase an expensive ring light or other dedicated light system take a look no further than your local sporting goods or hardware store.

LED clip on lights designed to slip over the visor of a baseball cap so you can have hands free lighting while you work or play can be improvised to illuminate small objects that are too close for your camera’s flash to properly illuminate.

You can use one, two or as many as the lens hood can support. Add a couple of these and spare batteries to your gear bag.