Welcome To The New Website

For months now we’ve been talking about revising the Images By Hawkeye website, and its been slow in coming to fruition. So recently I started working on revising the look with an all new theme and format to give it a complete makeover. This new format will be easier for me to maintain and for you as the viewer to enjoy the images.

I will continue to add more images as they become available and I’ll Journal about how they came about as well as any insights about photography I think worthwhile. So poke around the new site and enjoy!

See It, Take It

You don’t have to have expensive camera gear to capture great images…just as you don’t need high end cookware to create a gourmet meal. Its in the eye of the one capturing the image. This image was taken using my cellphone camera. If you see it, you should be able to capture it. Always be ready with some sort of camera within arms reach so you don’t miss capturing a memory.