Baby Bird Down

A baby Cow Bird and its sibling fell from a nest the consequences of its mother laying it in a smaller species nest and leaving it to be raised by that species. Two chicks too big and a violent windstorm sent them crashing to the ground. Canon 7D MkII w/Signa 18-300mm.

Practice Panning To Perfection

Getting any moving object is difficult, getting a fast moving object crisply is near impossible…unless you practice, practice and practice some more. It is easy enough to do, you don’t need anything more than a busy street, road or highway to practice the technique. Once you mastered large objects then you can start on smaller objects such as someone tossing a ball such as a softball, football or someone tossing a tennis ball for their dog. Then you’ll be ready to go after the hardest thing to pan…birds.  Canon 7D MkII  Canon EF 100-400mm L  f/5 1/60 100mm ISO 125 Light conditions: Overcast at dusk.